eric mcc
September 14, 2020
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My name is Patrick Mc Carthy and Iā€™m a born and bred Trinidadian which means I enjoy life, its beauty, its variety, its diversity and all of its wonderful surprises. From a very young age I gravitated to various visual mediums with a desire to capture and express this beautiful world around me as I saw it.
As I grew up I practiced painting and air brush before settling into a career as a Graphic Artist. After almost twenty years as a designer, I began to feel a desire to preserve and share the wonderful milestones and the unusual, overlooked moments that unfold in day to day life and so, I began a career in photography. and videography.
As a Creative-Designer/Photographer/Videographer I specialize in portraiture, food, product, real estate, commercial. I take pride in producing photos and videos that capture the essence of the moment, the spirit and character of the mood, a special quality of a product or the revelation of the panorama.
I absolutely love working with my clients and putting a smile on their faces.