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Although I have listed my years of experience in the highlighted areas as zero (0) this refers to my official/professional experience. I have however, extensive personal experience with all the areas highlighted. I have helped friends and family in creating names for projects, events, business ventures and even slogans to match. Relying on my creativity and ability to capture the purpose, plan and people behind any of these, I’ve been able to create wordage that both myself and the person involved were pleased with. With respect to presentations, I am a budding motivational speaker who has delivered video presentations on my social media platforms, physical presentations in multiple organisation meetings in my university and even sat on several panels to discuss a range of topics. I eagerly look forward to adding many more speaking engagements and presentations to my list in the future. I have always considered myself an adept reader and good with grammar but when friends and classmates asked me to proofread assignments and creative creations, I gained considerable confidence in my abilities to do so. I have and continue to read over work done by those who ask and believe that I can effectively use this skill in a professional capacity. Lastly, as far as singing and vocal work goes, I have been doing the prior for over 12 years. Participating and sometimes even leading school engagements, choirs, and church groups, I have developed an ear for music and found a vocal range that suits my voice and personality. I believe that once given an assignment of this nature, I will be able to use my ability and experience to execute successfully. 

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