Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about TriniFreelance, head on over to our About and How it Works pages.

TriniFreelance is a platform for freelancers and employers to make the right links for projects and work available in a Trinidad & Tobago market.

There’s no sign-up fee whatsoever on Trinifreelance.com.

Trinifreelance is absolutely FREE to Signup, List Projects, Post Profiles, Bid on Projects and all that good stuff.

Immediately. Because TriniFreelance is FREE, there isn’t an approval process. Once you’ve completed the necessary details of your project and publish it, it will become available immediately on our Front-page and the Projects Page.

As an Employer, projects are not editable. However you can choose to “Archive” it, then choose to “Renew” it, which will allow you to make changes to the Project details.

First off, check your “Spam folder” in the your Email. If it’s not there kindly Email us at [email protected] or head on over to our Tech Support page, with the Full Name you signed up using and we will be able to approve you.

Your profile as a Freelancer will only show on our Front page and Freelancers Profile page ONLY when you’ve completed a majority of the info in the My Profile section and (IMPORTANT) enabled the “Available for hire” option.
Add ‘Professional Title’, ‘Skills’, ‘Total Years Experience’ and Bio so you can be publicly listed on TriniFreelance as a Freelancer to start receiving projects.

TriniFreelance is entirely FREE. Therefore we don’t conduct or bridge transactions between Employer and Freelancer nor take a “cut” or profit off payments like other freelance platforms do. There are no transaction fees on Trinifreelance.com. Both freelancer & employer will need to arrange payment details between themselves accordingly.

Onsite: Trinifreelance has its own internal notifications system. Once logged in you will see new notifications on the ‘bell icon’.

Offsite: Once you’ve confirmed your email and edited your profile accordingly, Trinifreelance sends you notifications about projects that would be of interest via email. So keep your email client handy.

Onsite*: Our notifications system (bell icon) onsite will notify you about projects that may be of interest to you.

*you must be logged in to see this.

Offsite: Email. Once you’ve completed your profile as a freelancer, an email will be sent to your email address provided, notifying you of a new project available.

Trinifreelance aims to remain free to use for as long as possible!

If you’ve signed up as an ‘Employer’ by mistake, it’s ok. Simply send us a message to notify us you want your role changed so you can add your Freelance details etc. to receive project offers.
Email us at [email protected] or head on over to our Tech Support page, with the Full Name you signed up using and we will be able to change your role to ‘Freelancer’ quickly.
If it all sounds like too much, you can delete your profile here and sign-up again using the same email address, now as a ‘Freelancer’.

‘Freelancers’ have the ability to add more details such as qualifications, portfolio with images, education, etc. Also receive email notifications about new projects available.
An ‘Employer‘ simply posts projects available and invite a Freelancer(s) to bid on, or receive bids on their project(s)

You can remove your profile on the Delete My Profile page. You will be asked to provide your password.

TriniFreelance was designed to work on most modern mobile internet browsers across many devices. Therefore no separate App was necessary. It even works on Windows and Blackberry mobile devices!