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Posted on March 6, 2022


Project Desciption

Primary School Friendly Word Search Application: An application that generates Word Search puzzles based on a list of words fed in by a teacher for customisable puzzles for students to practice their spelling and vocabulary.


To develop an educational word search game that would:

  • Aid teachers in teaching spelling / vocabulary

  • Help teachers gauge student progress in spelling / vocabulary

  • Help students to practice spelling / vocabulary

  • Get students excited about learning

An interactive game that allows teachers to specify the words they would like to be used in the word search / words and descriptions for the crossword. The students would then have to search for the words in the word search or figure the word out given the description for the crossword and enter the letters. Scores would be recorded for the teacher to be able to see how each student did in the game and how long they took to complete it.


Unity for the application design and development with an SQLite database for the storage of words and user info.

Skills Required

Web & Mobile Design

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